We’re offering a special deal!  Anyone who signs a 2020 lease for one of our Studio Share spaces will get an extra month free.  Spend your December moving in and setting up, then hit the ground running in January!

There’s just something about our space here.  I don’t know if it’s the lovely sunlight, the collaborative element, or just the overall vibe, but I’ve been SO much more productive since we moved in!

Having space outside of our home for our creative business isn’t a new thing.  We started renting space a couple of years ago.  Our space was small, and cozy, and 100% worth it.  It was just what we needed at the time.  But the new studio, it’s so much MORE.

If you’re ready to take that leap, we want to help you do it.  That’s why we’re giving you a free month to get moved in and set up, to figure out how you can best use this space, and be completely ready for 2020.

We also know that it’s hard to look at a vast, empty space and imagine what you could do with it.  Or to hear things like 144sq ft and think “what could I possibly fit in a 12×12 space”?  So we got together with a couple of creative pals and staged a few of our spaces to give you some ideas!

fairmont wv studio space

A Multi-Use Workshop Space

We set up one space for the creative who needs a workspace to spread out.  A full standing height worktable, with your powerhorse of a computer nearby, and all the creative inspiration you need.  For reference, this is a medium sized space (10ft) and comes with 30 hours of time in the shared studio area for photo sessions or workshops, in addition to this designated space that is all yours 24/7.

A Cozy Client Workspace

Next we designed one of our small (8ft) spaces for a more personal experience.  Maybe you just want somewhere quiet and simple, with space to review your process with your clients and get some editing done on your laptop.  This size space comes with 20 hours of use for the shared studio/workshop space.  You also get time in the darkroom, so if you’ve been thinking of adding developing your own film for a highly curated, hands-on artistic product for your clients, this is perfect for you!

We’ve worked really hard to make sure our space is well equipped.  For workshops and meetings (or just your everyday work experience) we have a kitchenette, ADA accessible facilities, and lots of comfy seating areas.  For your photo sessions, we have a wide open space, full of light, with a ton of options.

Custom Studio Flats

Our studio flats are available to any photographer who uses the space.  They work really well to add a pop of color to our white walls, or if you’d like to bounce more light back from the windows, set the white panels facing in and use that lovely sunlight!  We have white panels, dark gray, light floral, dark floral, and several wood tones.  They are lightweight and movable, to keep our space modular and customizable.

We also have a custom, handpainted photo backdrop from Coco and June!  This backdrop is on loan to our space, courtesy of local artist Emily Kurth, and is available exclusively to users of the 304 Collective space through spring of 2020.  This backdrop is an amazing abstract of color and can add mirth and positivity to a wide variety of images.


You also will have use of any of our furniture, including two vintage stereos, one with a record play, both in mint, working condition.  Use them as a photo prop, or use them to set the mood with music.  Both are bluetooth capable.  You can play music from your phone, browse through our eclectic collection of records, or bring your own vinyl to play while you’re here.

We also have a collection of beautiful plants that you can pull in to use for any session, or use as staging for your event.  We think like the plants make our space feel healthy and alive, and they make any event or image feel fresh and inspired.

The options on how to use the space are really endless, and we’ve enjoyed seeing how everyone who has taken advantage of our daily or hourly space rentals has made it their own.  We can’t wait to see what YOU can do with this space.  Contact Rebecca to talk about signing your lease for 2020 to make the 304 Collective your home base!