evergreen content

At some point in time, we all struggle for content.  We know that the number one thing our clients (and search engines) want from us is quality content, but it’s hard to constantly produce that kind of quality.  I want to talk about a few different types of content that you should be using on your website and social media channels to keep your pages fresh and relevant.

3 Types of Video Content Every Business Needs

For each of these types, you should try to publish images, video, and well-written copy to share your content.  Having a variety of media in each category will establish your website as a trusted voice in the field and keep your audience engaged.

Campaign Content

Campaign content is information that expires or is only relevant for a short period of time.  For creatives, this can be blog or portfolio posts about completed work.  For business owners, this could be your new product launches or current sales or promotions. For real estate agents, these would be your new listings.  This type of content is only relevant for a short period of time, but should be aggressively shared during that time period to maximize how much of your audience views the content.

Video Suggestions for Campaign Content

Live video is a great way to share these types of short-lived campaigns.  It’s easy for a beginner to create on their own, and is a great way to dip your toes into the world of video.  This is also a great opportunity to create some short promos (30-60 seconds) that can be shared across all your platforms to make a big splash in a short period of time.

If you’re a creator working on a collaborative project (a wedding or styled shoot) that has a videographer, contact them and ask if you can share the video they’ve created. Most filmmakers are happy to share their films from these type of collaborative works.  The film already exists, no extra work is needed (some extra music licensing fees may apply, though they are usually minimal) so cost is often non-existent or very low.  If you’re organizing a collaborative project, this is a great reason to invite a video creator to take part and maximize the creative work on which everyone is contributing.

 Topical Content

Topical content has a much longer lifespan than campaign content.  This can be your client education, details about your process, or tutorials that your clients would find useful. You can reshare and recycle this content for months or years before you need to update it, for as long as the topic and information are relevant and accurate.  When major changes happen, you should totally revamp this type of content.

Video suggestions for Topical Content

Behind the Scenes videos are great for this.  They can give potential clients an inside look at how you do business.  Whether it’s a glimpse of how you create your products, getting your shop ready for the day, or a session with clients, these films can help people see themselves in your work.  They can also do double duty and make great Facebook video headers.

If you’re a fan of Facebook Live, you can use live videos to talk with your clients.  Share client education and tips with them via video.  If you have a stabilizer for your phone, take them on a tour around your shop or a neighborhood you’d like to highlight.

Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is always relevant and rarely needs updating.  This kind of content often reflects the core of your business: your mission, your about page, your process.  These videos can (and should) be shared on a regular, recurring basis to ensure that your potential clients have the opportunity to learn these things about your business.  This kind of information is great to include in your onboarding materials (welcome emails, client guides) and should be easy to find on your website.

Video Suggestions for Evergreen Content

These videos share some of the foundational elements of your site.  You want to take care that they are well thought out, well produced, and well made. The most common example of this is a brand film: a short film that shares what you do with the world, in a captivating and engaging manner.  brand videos can have a prominent spot on your About page or even the front page of your website.

For most small businesses, your clients want to see YOU in the brand video.  It’s not just about the product you sell or the service you provide.  Your client wants to feel like they’re a part of something bigger and to know that their support of your business makes a difference to you, personally.  Your presence in a brand film will help clients connect on a personal level.

Other great uses for evergreen content are smaller brand films demonstrating why your products and services have value and client education videos.

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